Workshops are specially scheduled one-day sessions held throughout the school year.  Workshops are typically held on days that DCPS and area schools are off and can also be scheduled on an on-demand basis.


Workshops meet from 9-2.

What is a workshop like?  Children enter the studio and gravitate to a table covered with beautiful books and art materials.  They may read or begin to work with the materials:  tape, string, crayons, markers, watercolor, wood, cardboard, and more.  After a moment to adjust and explore, we sit down on the floor together to read and discuss the morning project.  The morning project usually involves specific instruction on an art-making technique with the objective to learn to draw in a particular way, learn how to use an ink brush, or acquire an approach to making prints.  After the morning project, we break for lunch and outdoor play. After outdoor play, we start a second project which explores three-dimensional sculpture or a collaborative group project.  At the end of the day, we slow down and engage in group discussion to reflect on the work we created.

How old must my child  be?  Children who are five years and older are eligible to participate in a Workshop at CAS.  Drop-off for workshops is at 9am and pick-up is at 2pm. Please pack a lunch and dress your child in old, comfortable clothes.  We get messy!

The cost for the Workshop is $95.

How do I enroll?  To reserve a position for your child in a workshop, please email with your child’s name, age and the date of the workshop you would like him/her to enroll in.  We will invoice you and follow this up with an email including details about our day.  In order for us to guarantee you of your child’s position in the workshop, we must have received your payment.


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